Procedures LeFort for Underbite LeFort-UnderbiteSurgery

LeFort Underbite Surgery advances your upper jaw

LeFort Jaw Surgery improves the flow of air behind your soft palate, leading to improved breathing and exercise tolerance. It also offers better sleeping patterns by diminishing the effects of snoring and Sleep Apnoea.

A small upper jaw gives a sense of collapse in the middle areas of your face. Your chin and lower jaw may seem too big, and your lips may not close naturally.

Your smile and facial appearance can change substantially. Advancing your upper jaw provides balance to the middle aspects of your face, and refines the contour of your lips and overall facial profile.

The ideal display of your teeth when talking and smiling is established with UnderBite Surgery. By moving your upper jaw forwards, you will find your lips are able to naturally close without straining.

LeFort Surgery moves your upper jaw to a position that complements your lower jaw. This balances how your teeth meet when chewing and biting, which minimises the potential for tooth wear and jaw joint pain.

Underbite Jaw Surgery Before & After

 Procedures LeFort for Underbite 2. LeFort-Underbite-After
 Procedures LeFort for Underbite 6. LeFort-UnderbiteSurgery
 Procedures BiMax 10. BiMaxUnderBite-After

The Jaw Surgery Solution

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