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LeFort for a Gummy Smile

Gummy Smile Surgery improves the flow of air behind your soft palate. This leads to improved breathing and exercise tolerance, as well as better sleeping patterns by diminishing the effects of snoring and Sleep Apnoea.

Your smile and facial appearance can change substantially, impacting your upper jaw creates the ideal display of teeth when you're talking and smiling. This normalises the vertical proportions of your face.

Lifting your jaw upwards will allow your lips to close naturally without straining. If you have an open bite, the slope of your upper jaw is corrected to allow your front teeth to touch when biting.

Gummy Smile Surgery moves your upper jaw so it complements the position of your lower jaw. This balances how your teeth meet when chewing, and minimises the potential for tooth wear and jaw joint pain.

LeFort for Gummy Smile Surgery often improves nasal airflow. Together with advancing your lower jaw, breathing can be greatly enhanced by removing airway obstruction created by the architecture of your jaws.

Gummy Smile Surgery Before & After

 Staging Place Holders Gummy Smile 2. GummySmile-After

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