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Once bone healing is complete, we can start looking at PEEK implants to fix the things custom BIMAX could not. 

Jaw surgery is designed to create volume jaw and facial volumes. BIMAX is an operation for adults, and for a number of functional reasons—including improvement to the bite and airway—BIMAX is an extraordinary and life-changing operation.

However, the commitment to such dramatic facial change can exacerbate or disclose other problems that BIMAX cannot correct. Fortunately, we have custom PEEK design and manufacturing technology to fully restore us.

The BiMax procedure requires a period of time to allow the new bone to solidify, which may take between 3 to 6 months. Once bone contours are set and healing is complete, we can progress to the design and placement of PEEK implants.

Facial cosmetics are not the primary driver behind treatment with PEEK jawline implants. They are fundamentally functional and used to address the adverse effects of specific medical conditions.

PEEK implants are primarily designed to address abnormalities in jaw and facial development. These may include but aren't limited to silent sinus syndrome, condylar resorption and hemifacial microsomia.

There are 5 primary types of jawline implants

1. The jaw angle implant
2. The cheekbone implant
3. The chin implant
4. The orbital floor and cheekbone implant
5. The lateral nasal implant
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