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IMDO™ is a whole new way to treat a small lower jaw and big overbite

IMDO™ grows a small lower jaw by up to 16mm in a little over 2 weeks.

Crowded teeth and a big overbite are a product of a small lower jaw. Without correcting the size of a small jaw, orthodontic treatment to create a straight smile won't work without removing healthy teeth.

This usually doesn't satisfy the aesthetic concerns that teenagers and their parents may have, as these usually involve their overall facial appearance as well as their teeth and smile.

Standard orthodontic treatment also doesn't address the many health concerns that accompany a small lower jaw such as difficulties with breathing, exercising, snoring and poor sleep.

With IMDO jaw surgery the lower jaw is grown to the exact size required to enable normal breathing, eliminate snoring, create their optimal bite, and produce their unique and ideal facial appearance.

IMDO usually avoids the need for future wisdom teeth surgery and keeps orthodontic treatment short and simple. Your teenager will look and feel their best, both now and as they blossom into confident young adults.

IMDO Jaw Surgery Before & After

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 Procedures IMDO 10. IMDO-After
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 Procedures IMDO IMDO-Small-Jaw-Big-Overbite-Teenager-Adolescent-Snoring-Sleep-Apnea-Breathing-Obstruction

IMDO™ significantly stretches the muscles connecting the inside of the chin to the airway. This holds the airway forward and open, improving exercise ability and eliminating snoring. 

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