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GenioPaully enhances both the chin and breathing

The chin is a key aspect of the face that contributes to facial aesthetics. A recessed chin gives the appearance of a more prominent nose, makes the face appear shorter and rounder, while giving the impression of a double chin, or exaggeration of an existing one.

The original Genioplasty was developed simply as a cosmetic procedure, to move a small chin forward to create a sense of overall facial balance. Being purely cosmetic in nature, there is no health or functional gain from the traditional Genioplasty.

GenioPaully is our evolution of this procedure. As well as improving aesthetics, it also maximises the effects on airway opening and breathing. The further forward your chin point, the greater the amount of airway opening and improvement to breathing. 

Bringing the chinpoint further forward in conjunction with BSSO or IMDO, or even on its own, allows the lips to close naturally when they relax, without straining the muscles in the lips and chin to promote nasal breathing.  

Digital planning and custom surgical plate design utilising low dose CT data allows for identification of the muscle attachment, and the roots of the teeth in the area. This safely maximises the forward positioning of the chin to achieve the most favourable aesthetic and functional improvement. 

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How does GenioPaully improve breathing?

GenioPaully pulls forward the muscle holding your airway open to prevent airway collapse.

The muscle attached to the inside of the chin extends back to hold your airway open. A small lower jaw and chin means there is not enough stretch of this muscle to keep your airway open, especially when sleeping.

As you drift off into a state of deep sleep, your muscles relax including those holding your airway open. In a person with a normally proportioned jaw and chin, the relaxation of these muscles doesn't result in airway obstruction.

In someone with a small jaw and chin, the relaxation of these muscles causes their airway to partially or completely collapse, which leads to snoring and over time can progress to sleep apnoea.

To overcome this airway collapse and the development of snoring and sleep apnoea, the GenioPaully captures the muscle supporting the airway and pulls it forward to keep it open even during sleep.

The further forward your chin point is positioned, the greater the degree of airway opening and improvement to breathing. Bringing the chinpoint further forward together with a BSSO or IMDO, or even on its own, allows the lips to close naturally, which promotes healthy nasal breathing.

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What is involved with a GenioPaully?

A correctly proportioned chin sits in line with the profile of your lower lip, providing balance to your lips, nose and face. 

Chin Surgery is a nuanced procedure, requiring not just precise surgical skill, but insight into adapting the technique to idealise the unique features of each person's face.

Genioplasty involves separating the bone of your chin from your jaw, then moving it, the attached muscles and soft tissues forward. Your repositioned chin is secured in place with a custom designed titanium plate.  

The plate used to stabilise your chin remains in place for a total of 3-6 months. New jaw bone will form around the position of your chin and the soft tissues of your chin will settle into their new profile.

The titanium plates are removed once all of the structures of your chin have matured. If there are any defects yet to fill in with natural bone, these can be successfully augmented with artificial bone grafting.

If any final modifications need to be made to the shape and symmetry of your chin, these can be expertly made with simple bone contouring at the time of your surgical plate removal.

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How IMDO & GenioPaully were developed

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