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GenioPaully enhances both the chin and breathing

The chin is a key aspect of the face contributing to facial aesthetics. A recessed chin gives the appearance of a more prominent nose, makes the face appear shorter and rounder, while giving the impression of a double chin, or exaggeration of an existing one.

The original Genioplasty was developed simply as a cosmetic procedure, to move a small chin forward to create a sense of overall facial balance. Being purely cosmetic in nature, there is no health or functional gain from the traditional Genioplasty.

GenioPaully is our evolution of this procedure. As well as improving aesthetics, it also maximises the effects on airway opening and breathing. The further forward your chin is positioned, the greater the increase in airway opening and improvement in breathing.   

Digital planning and custom surgical plate design using low dose CT data allows for precise location of the muscles and teeth in the chin area. This allows us to safely maximise the advancement of your chin to achieve the most favourable aesthetic and functional outcome. 

 Procedures GenioPaully 4. GenioChinSurgery
 Procedures GenioPaully Genioplasty-Chin-Surgery-Sleep-Apnea-Snoring

GenioPaully advances the chin, stretching the muscles holding the airway open and preventing tongue collapse during sleep.

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