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BiMax surgery enhances breathing & facial aesthetics

What is Bimaxillary surgery or double jaw surgery?

BiMax is a surgical procedure where both jaws are significantly advanced using custom-engineered titanium plates together with GenioPaully to augment the chin. Both jaws are brought forward using LeFort for the upper and BSSO for the lower jaw.

What are the benefits of double jaw surgery?

The aesthetic improvements seen after BiMax surgery include the nasal tip turning upward, the lips being better supported, the lower facial height improved, and the jawline becoming more defined, with an overall sense of harmonious facial proportionality.

Most importantly, the tongue is pulled forward eliminating airway obstruction that could develop or has already developed into OSA. BiMax surgery is generally reserved for adult patients who have often undergone unsuccessful camouflage orthodontics.

BiMax Double Jaw Surgery Before & After

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 Procedures BiMax BiMax-Jaw-Surgery-Adult-Snoring-Sleep-Apnea-Breathing-Obstruction

BiMax significantly stretches the muscles running from the inside of the chin to the airway. This tension holds the airway forward and open, even when these muscles relax during sleep. 

Custom BiMax
Remedial Bimax

Custom BiMax means jaw surgery can be performed without braces, or with simpler orthodontic solutions such as Invisalign

People are increasingly aware of the connection between facial aesthetics and breathing. They understand the importance of eliminating airway obstruction, snoring and future obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) for greater longevity and quality of life.

BiMax surgery involves bringing both jaws forward using LeFort for the upper jaw and BSSO for the lower. Usually done in combination with a GenioPaully, this maximises the chin point advancement and the stretch on the muscles holding the airway open.

Designing the ideal face and smile for a patient combines full facial 3D scanning, digital bite records, surgical planning software, and precise airway analysis to help us determine the best treatment options that create both aesthetic and functional long-term outcomes.

Custom surgical plates are the key to precise and predictable surgery. Our surgical engineers use sophisticated planning software and 3D titanium printing technology to provide custom surgical guides and surgical plating solutions. 

The result is a real paradigm shift in how jaw surgery can be performed. To our patients it means less surgery time, less swelling, faster recovery, fantastic surgical predictably, and greater stability, not to mention greater accessibility and affordability for patients.

Custom surgical plates means jaw surgery can be performed without braces or in combination with simpler orthodontic solutions such as Invisalign, or as a “surgery-first” bite solution matched to aesthetic dentistry planning with the cosmetic dentist. 

Remedial BiMax is scientifically proven as a curative therapy for Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Remedial Bimax is the answer to the high number of patients we see who have endured everything orthodontics has thrown at them, and are still having issues with their breathing or the aesthetic problems they thought would be fixed with orthodontic treatment.

Many come to us after multiple rounds of braces, removal of teeth and are still unhappy with their smile, facial profile, or breathing difficulties. Common orthodontic treatments provide a superficial fix to the misalignment of teeth without addressing the underlying cause.

Without treating this, the cause still exists. It can be expensive, time consuming and exhausting to repeatedly look to fix the same problems. Any conversation about jaw correction often involves concerns with smile and facial aesthetics. 

Jaw correction surgeons are medically focused and not cosmetic surgeons. Having said that, Remedial BiMax maximises every opportunity this surgery provides by addressing facial aesthetics.

Of course, it’s also about wanting to breathe and sleep better, as people rarely seek Remedial BiMax surgery for aesthetics alone. Remedial BIMAX surgery is a scientifically proven, curative therapy for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA).

SuperBiMax uses our full suite of jaw surgery procedures to successfully treat the most complex jaw and airway issues.

If a dramatic change is required to overcome snoring and sleep apnoea, or to get to a maximum aesthetic result, the distances and volumes needed to be achieved can exceed the ability of any one surgical operation.    

The only way to accomplish this for highly complex aesthetic and airway conditions is to combine everything: IMDO, SARME, BiMax, and GenioPaully – in an innovative surgical approach we call the SuperBiMax.

By combining all of our operations, it is possible to obtain the distances and volumes needed to gain the ideal bite, decrowd and align teeth, overcome snoring, and obtain the full aesthetics of normalised jaw proportion. 

SuperBIMAX can be used to dramatically advance the jaws and overcome the most difficult airway and aesthetic concerns. With the SuperBIMAX, we have the ability to obtain maximum airway opening and idealise overall facial balance.

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SuperBiMax Surgery

SuperBiMax utilises our full complement of jaw surgery procedures to successfully treat the most complex of jaw and facial conditions.

Hit the play button to see the complete experience of one our patients through their SuperBiMax surgical journey.

The Jaw Surgery Solution

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