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Jaw surgery treats the cause of airway obstruction, not just the many serious conditions caused by airway obstruction.

Approximately 20% of children snore and 3% are diagnosed with OSA in Australia. Snoring is not always a sign of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA), however a child with OSA will almost certainly snore. 

Snoring in itself is not harmful to the health of a child or teenager, and it may well be occurring for very mild reasons (such as the position they sleep in or temporary congestion).

However snoring can be a symptom of a larger issue, and if it disrupts their sleep pattern can be the cause of lethargy, poor quality of sleep, cardiovascular hypertension and even obesity.

Poor sleep translates into reduced cognition and physical activity. While we can see the direct day-to-day effects of a poor night’s sleep, in the long term, snoring’s effects are cumulative and relentless. 

If your teenage child snores regularly, and that snoring sounds like there are pauses in their breathing followed by gasping or choking sounds, they may be experiencing OSA.

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Jaw surgery significantly stretches the muscles connecting the inside of the chin to the airway, which holds the airway open to eliminate snoring and improve sleep. 

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