55% of Australians are unhappy with the natural positioning of their teeth

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A small, narrow upper jaw is a pretty common occurrence across the board. From children to teenagers to adults, we see a lot of patients concerned about the symptoms of a narrow jaw such as teeth crowding and breathing issues. 

Having a narrow jaw can create aesthetic issues like crowded teeth and ‘crooked smiles’, however it can also cause a lot of difficulty in breathing (and morph into excessive snoring or Sleep Apnoea), discomfort and dental hygiene issues if the crowding prevents all teeth from being brushed and flossed. This can even lead to gingivitis. 

Traditional orthodontics alone, with dental extractions and removal of impacted teeth will result in straight anterior (front) teeth, however it does not treat the why and how of these symptoms, nor address how the airways, face, tongue, jaws and teeth are all interrelated. 

Jaw surgery widens the jaw (the core issue of the crowded teeth and airway obstruction) and corrects the facial proportions and fixes the subsequent issues. 

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Frequently Asked Questions
Can Invisalign fix a narrow upper jaw?

Invisalign can straighten the teeth (along with extraction of teeth if the issue is overcrowding) and widen the position of the teeth which gives the appearance of a wider jaw. However, the only way to actually widen the jaw is with jaw surgery.

How to fix a narrow jaw?