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A mouth full of strong, healthy teeth is essential to our health and quality of life. Strong teeth allows us to enjoy a rich and varied diet, which is vital to maintaining our health as we get older.

Your teeth form a complex and unified system. Every tooth plays an equal role in preserving the health of the surrounding teeth, as well as the strength and function of our jaws.

When we chew, the pressure exerted by our teeth on our jaws encourages new bone to be formed. This maintains the strength and health of our jaws over time. 

When we lose teeth, the bone in these areas are no longer stimulated when chewing.  This causes the volume of jawbone to shrink, and the jaws to significantly weaken.

Physical changes to a person's facial appearance are common with the loss of teeth and jawbone, making a person look noticeably older than they really are.

Replacing missing teeth with modern dental implant technology, can prevent the continued breakdown of our jaws, and minimise the risk for further tooth loss.

With the right care and expertise, you can regain the benefits of having teeth that are strong, functional, and that look and feel natural. 

Attractive and natural looking teeth are essential to our emotional wellbeing. They let us enjoy the foods that we love, and allow us to feel confident as we go about our daily life.

The loss of even a single tooth has a negative impact on our teeth and overall health. When we chew, each tooth stimulates ours jaws to create new, healthy bone, similar to how exercise strengthens the bones in the rest of our body.

The gaps created by missing teeth causes the surrounding teeth to collapse into these spaces. This changes how our upper and lower teeth meet, as well as the forces that we place on our teeth when chewing. 

This can impact on the surrounding muscles and jaw joints, resulting in pain or symptoms such as headaches or migraines. It also accelerates the breakdown of our remaining teeth.

Dental implants recreate the appearance and function of natural teeth. Being able to enjoy our favourite foods and socialise with our friends is essential to our health and well-being.

At Profilo° Surgical, we strive to give you dental implant treatments of the highest standard, that are tailored to meet your individual needs, and designed to be successful and long-lasting.

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