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Episode 3

This video was made as a presentation to the Baltic Sea Community in Orthognathic Surgery and Orthodontics - BSCOSO - during their online conference over May 08-12 2021... their Spring conference season.

Their conference organiser is Dr Simonas Grybauskas, who himself is an internationally renowned and extremely well respected oral and maxillofacial surgeon - based in Vlinius in Lithuania. Simonas and I have been great friends for almost a decade, and I was honored to support his organisation in providing just a little introduction to me and to the tpic he amde me speak upon MMA and beyond.

Later I hope to interrview Simonas Grybauskas directly - and to find out more about his practice in Vilnius - and the incredible influence he has upon the development of orthognathic surgery in his part of the world.

Today however, I made this video, and which highlights MMA - or MaxilloMandibularAdvancement - for treatment of obstructive Sleep Apnea - or OSA.

As maxillofacial surgeons, we use MMA to treat OSA... I call MMA advancement jaw surgery, or BIMAX... and I have other ways of correcting and preventing OSA too... which I call IMDO and GenioPaully.

If you would like to buy my book - 6Ways To Design a Face - I introduce this too. Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a serious disease, and corrective jaw surgery offers a realistic and wonderful opportunity of its cure and elimination. With jaw surgery, if you have OSA, there is a really big chance that you can throw away your CPAP device.

This video is not advertising. It is just me, presenting a brief introduction of what I do to otehr doctors, and through a friends conference in a country that few people have ever visited. Of course Vilnius is the centre of the world for the million or so people that licve there. And we all live somewhere just like Vilnius, or Sydney - which is where I live.

We live in a world, where we are all connected, and so I put this video up as part of my series "Chats With Docs" to highlight how it is that we as facial surgeons do present our ideas to each other.

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