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Episode 2

In Episode 2, Dr Paul Coceancig chats with Cathy Wilson-Brown, an anaesthetic nurse and about her life living with obstructive sleep apnea - or OSA.

Cathy was diagnosed with depression, ADHD, personality changes, poor sleep, inattention, unrelenting weight gain, hypertension, and a range of disconnected health and social problems.

Having sleep studies, CPAP, dexamfetamine, sleep tablets, jaw splints, antidepressants, and diet after diet... just didn't help anything, and the brain fog just kept getting bigger and denser.

Recommended by a friend, she eventually embarked on corrective jaw surgery through maxillofacial treatments.

This is a poignant and moving interview, and a true celebration of a remarkable person, and a remarkable life living with a real disease, and the negative life changing effects of that.

Cathy was an inspiration to me, and I want to share her inspirarion with our viewers.