Paul was invited as a keynote speaker on the IMDO revolution, during an Eastern European conference for orthognathic surgery held in Riga, Latvia in June 2015. The focus of this intensive conference made up of orthodontists and maxillofacial surgeons focused on the treatment of facial deformities in children and adults.

There were over 700 attendees from 45 different countries, mostly from Eastern Europe and Russia, but also from Spain, Turkey, Finland, Iceland, Mexico, Brazil and Italy.

His good friend Simonas Grybauskas from Vilnius, Lithuania, is the acknowledged Eastern European leader on the (alternate) surgical technique of BSSO. Paul was also joined by his good friend Peter Lewis, specialist Orthodontist, from Australia and President-elect of the Australian Society of Orthodontists. Acknowledged world leader in IMDO orthodontics, Peter gave his own IMDO insights to his international orthodontist colleagues.

Other world renowned speakers on orthognathic surgery also spoke, including the fantastic Mirco Riffiani from Italy, and the very famous William Arnett from California.

The real show stealer was Simonas Grybauskas, who is an absolutely remarkable man, an equally remarkable surgeon and internationally published author in orthognathic surgery. Thanks to Simonas, and to his assistant Olga Strangej, for a truly excellent and amazing conference, and for the remarkable company given by all.

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