There is no "one fix for all". We see each patient as an individual, and design a personalised solution that ensures you the get best outcome for you.

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The Profilo Surgical Difference

Your Health… Our Philosophy

At Profilo Surgical, our mission is clear: fix the core issue causing your health and aesthetic concerns, for life.  

For 18 years, we have strived to undo the misconceptions about corrective jaw surgery being only a ‘last resort’ option, and instead a way to bypass expensive procedures that work to fix only the symptoms of the issue.  

After experiencing this process first hand, from a small child to an adult running the gamut of ‘camouflage orthodontics’, Dr Paul Coceancig has dedicated his life to providing a holistic path for patients to have their facial concerns fixed.  

We understand that jaw issues are as much a confidence concern for patients as it is a practical one, and these concerns are often intertwined within the one issue. An under- or overbite is the aesthetic concern that is also creating breathing issues, Sleep Apnoea or other discomfort and ongoing pain.   

We are a private practice offering corrective jaw surgery solutions, crafted specifically for the patient, fixing the look of the facial configuration, and the associated health issues, for good.  

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Dr Paul Coceancig

Paul is our consultant oral & maxillofacial specialist

About Us | Dr Paul Coceancig | Profilo° Surgical Sydney & Newcastle

Specialist in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Paul is the principal surgeon at Profilo° Surgical and provides the surgical expertise in the provision of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

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Dr Robert Bartolacci

Robert is our Newcastle specialist in general anaesthesia

About Us | Dr Robert Bartolacci | Profilo° Surgical Sydney & Newcastle

Dr Robert Bartolacci graduated from the University of Sydney (MB BS Honours) in 1986.

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